Xcellerator helps spreadsheet users resolve errors and risks, and gain confidence in their results, by combining powerful error detection with investigative capabilities to comprehensively analyze spreadsheets. Developed for all levels of spreadsheet users, Xcellerator significantly and reliably reduces material errors and possible fraud as well as the hours associated with detailed spreadsheet review.

Xcellerator’s sophisticated logic is completely independent of Microsoft Office Excel and delivers higher-level functionality and unprecedented accuracy. Unlike other spreadsheet error detection applications, Xcellerator and Excel seamlessly appear as one to the user and the integrity of the spreadsheet application is always maintained.

Comprehensive Investigation. Xcellerator helps analyze formulas by displaying the relationships between formulas and cells and explores entire workbooks for external references.

Interactive Navigation. Xcellerator saves time by quickly navigating to any found error anywhere in the workbook.

Compliance Reporting. Xcellerator provides standard and configurable reports to help fulfill audit and compliance reporting requirements and give users more visibility into their spreadsheets.

Extensive Tests. The strength of Xcellerator lies in its extensive tests, ranging from formula errors and risks in cell accuracy to hidden errors and broken regions.

Powerful Error Detection. Xcellerator scans spreadsheets for likely errors, identifies errors with greater accuracy than other solutions and displays them within the spreadsheet using an easy, straightforward and intuitive interface.

Spreadsheet Comparison. Xcellerator is the only solution to accurately compare spreadsheets and give users proper visibility into their spreadsheet risk. Xcellerator:

  • Works to quickly determine if and/or what spreadsheet changes were made by others
  • Confirms that users are working with the latest spreadsheet version
  • Is the only solution to examine and reveal changes to named ranges
  • Is the only solution to properly handle the insertion, deletion and shifting of rows and columns, without resulting in false positive results

After applying nearly 40 tests or an unlimited number of configurable tests, Xcellerator leverages a patent-pending overlay technology to generate a color heat map that displays errors and notes potential errors for further examination.

More About Xcellerator

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