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Incisive Online, the industry’s FIRST spreadsheet analysis and management software as a service, is the perfect solution for all levels of spreadsheet users. Incisive Online gives users visibility into spreadsheet risk and identifies defects for swift analysis and resolution.

Try it out for FREE. And, as an online service, Incisive Online does not require any system updates or pre-requisites, nor is it susceptible to incompatibility with spreadsheet applications.

We are offering two spreadsheet analysis and management services for your evaluation:

  • Analyze Spreadsheet. Upload your spreadsheets individually and let our spreadsheet analysis engine do the work. Not only will it find the errors, the comprehensive reports it generates will help you fix them.
  • Compare Spreadsheets. Upload two spreadsheets and let our spreadsheet differential engine do the work. Not only will it compare cell values and formulas, it will examine named ranges as well. Diff Reporting will recognize any changes and allow users to recover from these situations.

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